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PolyClinic EXPERT

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PolyClinic EXPERT — multipurpose medical center, which was created to provide you with outpatient therapeutic and dental services of European quality standards.

Our goal is to restore and preserve your health, provide disease prognosis and reveal this information to you in plain language.

We are most needed if you work a lot and don’t want to waste your time and money. Also, we will be useful to those who need a clear picture of their own health status and want to estimate the risks of acute and chronic visceral and dental diseases.

Medical center in St.Petersburg


We specialize in gastroenterology, hepatology, endoscopy and ultrasonic investigations, but also we provide our patients with support of cardiologist, neurologist, endocrinologist and many others.



Yevgeniya Nikolayevna Zinovieva

Medical director, highest category gastroenterologist, hepatologist, physician, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Inna Grigoryevna Pakhomova

highest category gastroenterologist, physician, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Viktoria Aleksandrovna Volovnikova

cardiologist, physician, Ph.D. (Medicine), Associate Professor


Ksenya Sergeevna Sokolova

physician, gastroenterologist


Tatyana Viktorovna Proshina

nephrologist, physician

Gastroenterologists & hepatologists


Yevgeniya Nikolayevna Zinovieva

Medical director, highest category gastroenterologist, hepatologist, physician, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Inna Grigoryevna Pakhomova

highest category gastroenterologist, physician, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Natalya Valeryevna Marchenko

gastroenterologist, hepatologist, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Andrey Gennadyevich Kharitonov

gastroenterologist, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Marina Konstantinovna Prashnova



Ksenya Sergeevna Sokolova

physician, gastroenterologist

Ultrasound Specialists


Natalya Nikolayevna Varlamova

ultrasound and elastography specialist


Olga Vladimirovna Teslya

ultrasound, elastography and functional diagnostics specialist, highest category cardiologist


Alyona Vladimirovna Pukhova

ultrasound and elastography specialist



Olga Yuryevna Khochinskaya

highest category endoscopist


Roman Sergeyevich Silishchev




Valery Remirovich Goltsov

highest category surgeon-pancreatologist, Professor, D.Sc. (Medicine)


Alexander Stepanovich Lapshin

highest category surgeon, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Irina Ilyinichna Fadeeva

first category surgeon, oncologist



Viktoria Aleksandrovna Volovnikova

cardiologist, physician, Ph.D. (Medicine), Associate Professor


Olga Vladimirovna Teslya

ultrasound and functional diagnostics specialist, highest category cardiologist



Elena Romanovna Shilova

highest category gematologist, Ph.D. (Medicine), Associate Professor

Endocrinologists & Nutritionists


Karolina Anatolyevna Savelyeva

endocrinologist, nutritionist, Ph.D (Medicine)


Natalya Valeryevna Khudyakova

endocrinologist, Ph.D (Medicine)



Svetlana Mikhaylovna Bezukh

highest category neurologist, D.Sc. (Medicine), Professor



Natalya Nikolayevna Frolova

psychologist, psychoneurologist, psychosomatic disorders specialist, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Andrey Georgievich Samokhin

highest category psychotherapist, psychologist, sexologist

Dermatologists & Cosmetologists


Yuri Robertovich Polozov

dermatologist, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Liliya Mikhaylovna Ageeva

dermatologist, cosmetologist, trichologist



Tatyana Viktorovna Proshina

nephrologist, physician



Darya Vyacheslavovna Grinvald

highest category gynecologist-endocrinologist, Ph.D. (Medicine)



Roman Romanovich Aletin

highest category urologist, Ph.D. (Medicine)


Irina Sergeyevna Gonchar


Cost of a doctor’s appointment

Doctor’s appointments

Doctor’s qualificationInitial consultationSubsequent consultation
Medical specialist consultation1 720 rub.1 420 rub.
Medical specialist consultation: Ph.D. (Medicine), highest and first category doctor2 780 rub.2 380 rub.
Leading medical specialist consultation: Ph.D. (Medicine), highest and first category doctor3 280 rub.2 780 rub.
Medical specialist consultation: D.Sc. (Medicine)3 500 rub.3 100 rub.
Online consultation (via Skype)1 420 - 3 100 rub.1 420 - 3 100 rub.

Our services


In PolyClinic EXPERT you can submit both general and highly specialized analyses of blood, urine and stool.

lab tests in petersburg

Express diagnostics

Express diagnostics — status estimate for seventeen major organs and systems: cardiovascular system, stomach, liver, intestines, pancreas, thyroid, pelvic organs, kidneys, lungs, nervous system and other organs. Diagnostics is based on single blood analysis and reflects practically entire body status.

Helicobacter pylori test

Helicobacter pylori breath test checks for the presence of bacteria Helicobacter pylori causing gastritis and stomach ulcer. Our clinic performs 2 types of test: qualitative analysis to confirm bacteria presence and quantitative analysis to estimate its abundance.

H. pylori test

Fiberoptic gastroduodenoscopy (FGDS) with video

Fiberoptic gastroduodenoscopy (FGDS, FEGDS and gastroscopy) is one of the most widespread and advanced methods for digestive organs (esophagus, stomach and duodenum) investigation, which is conducted with flexible endoscope inserted through mouth. Video and photo recording on a USB-memory-drive is possible.


Colonoscopy (FCS) with video

While conducting FCS doctor investigates entire large intestine (part of the gastrointestinal tract between small intestine and anus) with colonoscope. Video and photo recording on a USB-memory-drive is possible.

Medication sleep (anaesthesia) during FGDS and FCS

Putting patient into state of medication sleep enables full immobilization as well as pain and fear prevention during endoscopic examination.

Medical sleep

Ultrasound investigation and elastography

Ultrasound investigation is performed for abdominal cavity organs, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, thyroid, mammary glands and pelvic organs. Additional elastographic technique enables detection of cancerous tumours and hepatic fibrosis.

Ultra sound

Vascular ultrasound investigation

Our clinic utilizes high-grade equipment for vascular ultrasound investigation. B-flow imaging is utilized to enable quality vascular blood flow investigation in real time. This technique enables doctor to “visualize” blood vessels’ walls, thromb or atherosclerotic plaque presence.

Cardiac ultrasound investigation (echocardiography)

Echocardiography is a sonography of the heart structures and valvular apparatus, which enables to estimate their status, diagnose heart disorders (including congenital) and detect pulmonary hypertension (increased blood pressure in pulmonary vessels).

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Electrocardiogram enables:

  • detect various kinds of heart disorders (changes in heart position and cardiac chamber size, cardiac rhythm disturbance, myocardial perfusion disturbance: ischemia, heart attack)
  • collect ECG evidence for provisional diagnosis
  • cardiologist to plan a therapeutic approach in case of ECG abnormalities

Holter ECG and AP monitoring

24-hour Holter monitoring of ECG is based on constant electrocardiogram recording with special portable device carried by the patient (over the shoulder or on the belt). Arterial pressure (AP) can be recorded on a 24-hour basis along with EEG.

holter ecg monitor

Skype consultation

Sometimes patient receives treatment at the place of residence, but wishes to clarify some questions with independent medical expert or to receive consultation from type of specialist that is not available at the place of residence. Our clinic is ready to provide such type of service, which, however, is not full-fledged consultation, unlike direct face-to-face contact. To arrange online consultation and send us screening results, send us an email at clinic-expert@mail.ru.

Skype consultation

Cost of services

Click here to see the prices

Ultrasound investigations

Ultrasound investigation of abdominal cavity organs (liver, gallbladder, bile passages, portal system, pancreas, spleen, abdominal cavity vessels and lymph nodes) and kidneys2 880 rub.
Liver ultrasound investigation1 560 rub.
Gallbladder ultrasound investigation1 560 rub.
Urinary system ultrasound investigation (kidneys, ureters, renal vessels, adrenal glands, paranephric body, prostate/uterus, urinary bladder)1 800 rub.
Kidneys ultrasound investigation960 rub.
Small pelvis organs ultrasound investigation1 320 - 1 920 rub.
Prostate ultrasound investigation1 080 - 1 800 rub.
Mammary glands and regional lymph nodes ultrasound investigation1 920 rub.
Thyroid and regional lymph nodes ultrasound investigation1 080 rub.

Blood vessels ultrasound investigation

Duplex (triplex) blood vessels scanning1 920 - 3 360 rub.
Ultrasound screening for atherosclerosis1 080 rub.


Liver elastography3 360 rub.
Pancreas elastography3 360 rub.
Thyroid elastography2 520 rub.
Mammary glands elastography3 720 rub.
Single organ elastography1 800 rub.


Fiberoptic gastroduodenoscopy (FGDS)2 880 rub.
Sigmoidoscopy1 920 rub.
Colonoscopy (FCS)4 900 rub.
Recording of endoscopic examination on an electronic medium600 rub.
Collection of biopsy material from esophagus/stomach/duodenum720 rub.
Collection of biopsy material from intestines960 rub.
Biopsy material examination for H. pylori presence1 320 rub.
Biopsy material examination for lactase deficiency2 800 rub.
Biopsy material histologic examination1 920 rub.
13С-urea quantitative breath test for H. pylori presence2 280 rub.


General anesthesia (medication sleep) during fiberoptic gastroduodenoscopy (FGDS) or colonoscopy (FCS)8 000 rub.
General anesthesia (medication sleep) during FGDS and FCS10 500 rub.


Echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound investigation)2 640 rub.
ECG with description and transcription840 rub.
24-hour Holter ECG monitoring2 280 - 2 640 rub.
Bifunctional  24-hour Holter ECG and AP monitoring2 880 - 3 120 rub.

Please contact us

To request an appointment, consult a medical specialist or speak to a manager using phone number, messenger, email or feedback form provided on our website.

Why Us?

  1. Our doctors are experts in their area of specialization. That is why you are screened and treated as if you were in one of the European clinics. Our doctors’ academic ranks and achievements, their experience and skills are aimed at ensuring your recovery.
  2. We do care and strive to provide every patient with timely support and exhaustive information on precautionary measures, recurrence prevention and measures to improve health status.
  3. Personal doctor-curator will take care of you, starting from first visit and towards towards treatment completion. He or she will provide personalised screening and therapy plan and control your health status before, during and after treatment course.
  4. We guarantee quality of our services and expedient check-up because we work only with verified laboratories, our clinic is equipped with expert class diagnostic equipment, and we implement in-house high-performance health screening routines.
  5. Maximum attention, minimum discomfort — our doctors perform health screening and treatment procedures gently and carefully in order to relieve you of any discomfort. Every one of out doctors has already helped many patients.

Our shared goal is to achieve stable results and prevent disease recurrence.

Insurance companies

We do work with the following insurance companies.


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